Amusing Myself During Lockdown!

Over the last 5 weeks or so like many I have been keeping myself busy doing all those promised DIY jobs, catching up on admin, writing a Quiz for Mountain Training Association, doing a presentation on Brecon and Snowdon Hikes that I provide for Curious Kats Adventures and also getting out to exercise the body and mind.

I am fortunate to live in a little village outside of Brecon, surrounded by a network of quiet country roads and an area of common land. For the majority of my exercise I have created routes of upto 6 km (4 miles) using these networks of roads, on the odd occasion I have done a 10 km (6 miles) loop onto the common.

I thought I would soon get bored of walking these less adventurous road circuits from my doors step being a hardened mountain walker…….but I haven’t for two reasons.

The first reason was simply mixing up the circuits as much as I can, adding sections, removing sections, combining different sections and reversing them. It’s amazing how a circuit can be easy in one direction and challenging in reverse!

The second reason and maybe the most important one is that I quickly realised how things were changing around me with the maturing of spring. Nature was coming alive, the hedgerow plants were changing on a daily basis as they came into season, butterflies and bees began to explore the hedgerows searching out nectar rich flowers, the sound of birds surrounded us and fields once empty came to life with sheep, lambs and cattle.

I was finding each circuit was taking longer and longer as I was looking at plants coming into flower and trying to identify them. As time went on the challenge was to find something that I hadn’t seen before, each time I went out I came back with a new observation, it really wasn’t that difficult but kept me entertained!

We may be starting to see the smallest chink of the light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel. However, we will most probably have to wait a little longer until we can get back out to explore the mountains, like most I can’t wait to get out there but until them I am happy observing the mountains from afar and watching how nature is developing around me!

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